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I need HELP!

I've always been an animal lover.  Two weeks ago I saved 8 baby mice and let the mother take them to an undisclosed location in my garage. (Not one of my finer ideas.)

I've helped my brother and sister-in-law with their non-profit dog rescue by fostering 5 dogs.  (Tail-Waggers Pet Rescue
And most recently I answered the call for help by helping catch and taking in 8 abandoned cats.  Two of them have been adopted but we need more families! How can you help? 
1.  Take in one of these sweet loves. 2. Share this with your friends who may be looking for a kitty! 3. Donate a small amount to help with care while we find their purr-ever homes. 
Ready to meet these characters?  Here we go!  As you can see they are all interested and get along with my boxer, Zoe.  

Papi is the oldest cat.  I believe he may be the dad.  He is a light orange and muscular.  He is very sweet and cuddles with all the cats.  Usually the second on my lap, he likes to lean in and smile.  He has a very deep p…

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